Why you should get a prenatal massage.

Why you Should Get a Prenatal Massage!

Massages are very relaxing and enjoyable. Many people are not aware of prenatal massages. Just like regular massages offer so many benefits to the body, prental massages do the same. Expecting mothers should consider prental massages for relaxation and many other benefits as well. 

Consider getting a prental massage after your first trimester. Prental massages are safe so there is nothing to be worried about. It is important to discuss things over with your doctor and make sure your therapist is aware that this will be a prenatal massage. Getting a prental massage before the first trimester ends could lead to dizziness and sickness. Therefore, it is best to wait until after your first three months of pregnancy. 

You should consider a prenatal massage if you are currently pregnant because of all the benefits. A prenatal massage can improve your overall health. The massage can relieve stress from your body. It can ease muscle tension from different places in your body. Do you experience pain in your joints? A prenatal massage can remove these joints pains. These massages are also helpful in improving the experience of labor. Some women have reported easier labor outcomes due to receiving massages while being pregnant. 

All prenatal massages are not the same. There are several types of  massage techniques.We will discuss the main one for expecting mothers. Swedish massages focus on techniques that relive pain and muscle tension. It improves your lymphatic system. It helps with circulating blood in your body. The Swedish massage is a very recommended massage for pregnant women as it helps relieve discomforts. 

Prenatal massages are also good due to how they help with hormone regulation. Research has shown that prental massages have an effect on hormones like cortisol were reduced. Hormones like dopamine and serotonin were increased overtime. The way prental massages effect hormones can lead to less complications during labor. Hormones play a major role in a pregnancy and can be better managed through prenatal massages. Evidence supports how these massages can effect how hormones influence the labor experience and health of the mother and the baby. 

Swelling of the joints may be a complication you have experienced during your pregnancy. It is not uncommon to experience swelling of the joints while pregnant. One way to combat this is by getting regular prenatal massages. The massage will help the tissues in the body. It helps by removing the fluids that build up in the joints. 

Later on in your pregnancy you may experience nerve pain. Some expecting mothers report that they have this type of pain and will seek out solutions. The uterus will recline on the muscles in the back and cause this pain. Prenatal massages is a helpful solution. Massages will help with these inflamed nerves. Not treating this pain may cause the pain to go further down the body into the thighs and legs. 

Besdies helping with discomforts and pain, prenatal massages offer other benefits. If you are having issues at night with sleeping, then look into prenatal massages. These massages will aid you in a better sleep quality. Sleep issues may arise later in your pregnancy. Even something as minor as a headache from pregnancy can benefit from a massage. Prenatal massages can help with minor pregnancy headaches. 

Prenatal massages are something you should consider and consult with your therapist. If you have any concerns your therapist should be able to answer any questions you have. They should be experienced with prenatal massages. They should understand the risks and concerns that come along with these types of massages. They should understand how to provide certain massage techniques to aid the expecting mother. Make sure you fully vet and qualify who you allow to give you a prenatal massage. 

As you can see there are many benefits of getting a prenatal massage. The benefits for prenatal massages are extremely vast. If you have never considered it before, make an effort to experience this wonderful type of massage. It will make a significant outcome in how you feel once you get into labor. Make prenatal massages a regular part of your care and treatments for yourself while you are pregnant. Doing so will make all the difference once you go into labor. 

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