Ayurvedic Head Massage with Warm Essential Oil 1 Hr. $70 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140

Ayurvedic head massage is  a gentle and deep relaxing treatment of your upper body from your upper back, shoulder, neck scalp and face. using the warm coconut oils. Promotes hair growth, by  increasing oxygen in the hair follicles. Prevent headaches and migraines, Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety, Relieves eye strain, Relieves insomnia, Reduce stress, Help  blood and lymphatic circulation



Traditional Thai Massage 1 Hr. $80 90 Mins. $120, 2 Hr. $160
Our Traditional Thai Massage is both deeply refreshing and extremely revitalizing. It is performed with slow movements and cover the entire body and offer the deepest possible relaxation. Working on energy lines pressed and kneaded, helping increases energy flow. The therapy continues with passive stretching followed by a soothing head, neck, and shoulder massage. This treatment energizes, rejuvenates and increases blood and oxygen circulation.
Combination Massage 1 Hr. $70 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140

Combine Thai massage, Swedish massage, Deep tissue and Reflexology.  This wide variety of techniques will create relaxation, soothe your muscles and invigorate your body.

Swedish massage 1 Hr. $70, 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140
Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes. Benefits include relaxation, stress reduction, improved blood circulation and increased flexibility.
Deep tissue Massage 1 Hr. $70, 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140
Deep tissue massage focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to break down the adhesions, tendons and fascia. You may experience some pain or stiffness after a treatment, but it will subside on its own.
Aroma therapy Body Massage 1 Hr. $70, 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140

The incredible scents from soothing, blended, and essential massage oils along with gentle pressure to the body is designed to relax, detoxify, tone and stimulate sensation.

Lomi Lomi Massage 1 Hr. $70, 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140
This unique, holistic massage was brought to Hawaii by the ancient Polynesians.  Like the ocean, waves of healing flow to the client using hand, arms and elbows.
Foot,Shoulder&Neck Massage 1 Hr. $70, 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140
Foot reflexology is good for the sole (soul).  Combined with a neck and shoulder massage, you will leave feeling like you are walking on clouds.
Hot stone +Aroma therapy 1 Hr. $75 90 Mins. $115, 2 Hr. $150
This luxurious treatment combines warm stones with Aroma therapy to achieve the ultimate in relaxation.
Prenatal Massage 1 Hr. $70 90 Mins. $105, 2 Hr. $140
Prenatal massage reduce stress, during pregnancy and relieve muscle tension. Research shows prenatal massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Prenatal massage therapy addresses different needs through varying techniques, one of which is called Swedish Massage, recomended for 3 month and up this time is safest for fetus.
Massage with infrared light therapy 1 Hr. $89, 90 Mins. $125
Infrared light is best used for healing inflammation the light penetrates to inner layers of the skin it reach the muscles, nerve, and even bone. Infrared light is safe and effective to treat inflammation, pain and tension. The heat from infrared light help you feel warm and relaxing, while therapist working on another area of the body.